80% handmade rule, will my cosplay comply?

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#1 uniprawn on 4 years ago

I'm thinking of entering a masquerade at a small local con as Mettaton EX from Undertale and it is my first time entering so I'm not sure how this all works. I know its usually at judges discretion whether an outfit is 80% handmade and therefore eligible for the craftsmanship category but can anyone with a bit more experience than me in this field give me some advice about whether mine would be enough?

I'm making from scratch-
shoulder armour
boot covers

I will not be making the plain black top and leggings that go underneath the armour, they aren't really a focus point in the costume, and I will be altering the sleeves of the top.

So is this enough?

#2 cinnamuffin on 4 years ago

I would say that's enough! It would be a waste of time to make things like that which can so easily be bought, unless you wanted to really take pride in making 100% of the costume.
I think you're putting in a lot of work and I'm sure the judges will agree that it counts as hand-made!

#3 StarsOfCassiopeia on 4 years ago

From talking to friends who do armor cosplays, yes, you should be fine! Judges will almost definitely agree that the underclothes aren't really worth sewing from scratch, unless for some reason they have to be super customized (which isn't the case here).

#4 SakuraxTsubasa on 4 years ago

What they said, but if you are still very unsure, it never hurts to send an email to the masquerade coordinator and double-check!

#5 Satine on 4 years ago

Yeah, if it was really weird, or had exciting panels then that's not really fair to have ready made- but generic is generic.

Depending on the judges you can get extra points for going further. It's still a couple of hours work to make a simple garment, more if you don't have a coverstitch (which, I still don't!) which is why it's bonus points :) Compared to how ever many hours you put in to the armour and other elements that's really easily going to fit in the 20% though :)

Aside from materials bought as materials, I always put aside anything I didn't make and critically ask myself how much work would it be compared to everything else.

#6 PeriodCostume on 4 years ago

I think it's enough ^^

#7 WildSpice on 4 years ago

You're good! 80/20 is a good split for handmade versus store bought/modified. There are things that aren't worth the hassle of sewing. Sewing everything will score you more points, but don't stress yourself over it.

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