Enid from Ok Ko, wig?

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#1 narutokunobsess on 2 years ago

Hey guys. I kind of need some help right away! I mostly need tips on styling on enid's pony tail, and Im trying to find relate searches on how to make her poofy ball pony tail, but I can't find what its call or I need tutorials. My wig is from arda and comes with a long ponytail, but I realize the wig has enough hair to style maybe?

Im just having trouble with research is all. Closest I could use was anko for ponytail, and shante for the bangs, but anko looks off.

Here is enid for ref:

Also from the captain planet episode here if I want to resemble closely to what a cosplay would look like, but I still probably want to make it like the original drawing, because I don't have that much hair to work with.

the wig pic:

#2 narutokunobsess on 2 years ago


Looks like I found something closer. how to do akuma's bun, but having hard time for resources. Plz help!

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