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#1 soothsayer on 1 year ago

Hello! First, I would like to say thanks to Admin for assisting with my registration... thanks! Now, allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Mike, though I've gone by "soothsayer" since the early 90s when I was stationed in Japan. Though this probably does announce my age, all I will say is that even though I've always had a desire to do cosplay, it wasn't until my oldest moved out and the youngest was old enough to fend for himself that I've been able to truly enjoy things; it started with terrain making for tabletop gaming (T'au from 40K, Skorne from Hordes, UMC from Dropzone Commander, and so on), moved on to making scratchbuilt models, and now cosplay.

First costume was a few years ago, just a basic steampunk outfit with gasmask. From there, I created my own character (which I'll post at some point), and then another steampunk creation complete with electronics.

I'm currently making a true cosplay costume: the minigun wielding samurai from Sucker Punch... complete with a 28" tall Barbie figure, which I'm also making a costume of Babydoll for. I'm hoping, overtime and wife permitting, to bring this costume to both the Kitsune Kon in Green Bay and Wizard World-Madison in 2018.

Let's see, what else is there in the way of introductions? I'd have to say that, as far as cosplayers go, Zonbi would have to be my favorite; similar career path, similar budgeting, great humor. I also go to the likes of Punished Props if I'm trying to figure something out and need to learn something new, and I like Evil Ted Smith's ability to keep things simple.

Being an hour north of Green Bay, there isn't much in the way of anime, gaming, or cosplay, so besides seeing what others have done and perhaps learning new techniques, I hope to find someone... anyone... in NE Wisconsin to get together with for collaborations or build night or whatever.

#2 gypsy_girl on 1 year ago

Welcome Mike,

Cosplay is awesome and any age can participate in. I'm not exactly 22 anymore either. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your work.


#3 Asmaria on 1 year ago

Hello, welcome! I'm from Texas myself. Don't feel bad about being an older cosplayer, whether you get into it late or always have been but are older, lots of us are as well!

That barbie prop sounds cool, I'm into doll collecting and doll cosplay so I think it's neat to see people make stuff that fits them.