Last minute C2E2 photoshoot slots

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#1 Siffy on 1 year ago

[CENTER]First time at C2E2 and I'll be at a booth most of the time, but I'd love to connect with a few new (or old!) clients. I have no idea what to expect from this con, so at the moment I'm only filling THREE slots. Which allows me to be much more flexible with my time, too!

[URL="[email protected]/sets/72157674017342623"][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

To see a gallery of my cosplay work, click on the image above or visit my [URL="[email protected]/sets/72157674017342623"]Flickr[/URL].

Photoshoots are $50 for 1/2 hr. of shooting and 4 finished edits (with the option to purchase more later for $15 pc.). To reserve a slot, pm [URL=""]my Facebook page[/URL]![/CENTER]

Cosplayer credit: Sunchild Cosplay, Faerie Cosplay, Ribose Cosplay, Anime Layer Cosplay.