Sakizo Amethyst wig

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#1 Toribelle96 on 2 years ago

I am gonna try and make Sakizo's jewel design Amethyst, but her hair is confusing me, I can't fully tell the shape or how I should make it. I am kinda thinking too about making it a blondish color, do you guys think that would look okay?


#2 Bombdoll on 2 years ago

The artwork seems to have an overall greenish tinge to it, but I do think the hair is pale blond. In my own experience, certain blondes agree and disagree with our skin tones, so its essential to make sure whatever shade you pick will suit your skin tone. No amount of makeup can fix the kind of clash that wigs can have with skin. As for the shape, it does look like a massive Rococo style bouffant. Big hair like that is essential to hold up the accessories, and not be eclipsed by them. If your hair was limp and small giant ostrich feathers, rosette pins, and ruffled Venetian mask facinators would look way to flimsy. Thick, pouffy hair piled on top is the only way to hold those accessories. It also looks like there's some playful ringlets draped loosely on one side, which is super cute.

IMO if the hair is big and blond and doesn't make your skin tone look weird, the real design is in the accessories. The hair is the supporting act here.