Help for small-busted girl please? =)

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#1 yunagirl28 on 3 years ago

Hey there! So I have this awesome steampunk costume all put together, with a fancy black/bronze corset and everything. However, when I have the corset laced up, even as tight as it will go at the top, the breast part of the corset sticks out far enough that my chest doesn't quite fill it up. I'm a size B cup bra, however I can't wear a bra with a corset obviously so I have nothing in the corset to pad or push them up. If I bend over, you can see everything. The corset is the perfect size everywhere else, it laces up nice and tight and fits my waist and height...

Is there anything I can buy and wear that will give me some support underneath and won't show? I know there are stick-on pads, or strapless push-up bras, however when I use a strapless bra you can still see the bra, especially when I bend over. I need some serious push-up action or a way to cover them without showing it...

Here's some pics of the corset on my dress form which measures almost exactly the same as me, so you can see how far it sticks out and what I mean:


Any suggestions out there (aside from a boob job)? I'd REALLY appreciate it! =)

#2 Emmejo on 3 years ago

(This advice is a little late, but I just saw your post today.)

This is the reason I only buy underbust corsets these days! I've never found anything I could use for a push-up effect for a longer time. You can put padding in underneath for the length of a photoshoot, but it becomes pretty painful to have it laced in for more than an hour or so. When posing for pictures, inhaling, pressing your shoulders forwards slightly, and flexing your chest muscles can help temporarily fill some of that gap.

Work-arounds I've used are a ruffled shirt, which kind of fills the gap with fluff so it isn't so obvious, adding lace/ribbon to the neckline to fill things in, adding shoulder straps that hold against my front and to the side, pushing the gap towards your armpits, or adding grommets and lacing to resize it. I've done that at the back, but you could also do it at the sides, right under the arms. I don't know if any of those are do-able with your costume design, but they would be options.

#3 yunagirl28 on 3 years ago

Wow! Those are some excellent ideas, thank you! I'm still working on it so it wasn't too late. I found these padded things you put under your breasts that help push them up but so far that's it. Perhaps with those and one of your techniques I'Lloyd figure it out. Thank you so much for replying! :D

#4 CFHinLA on 3 years ago

That is an AMAZING dress. Where did you get it? My entire family is preparing to do a full steampunk cosplay and this is the level of quality I'm looking for.

#5 Respawning on 3 years ago

I'm also small busted (A/B cup here usually) and also decided long ago to stick to under busts. No matter what I do I just never get that nice cleavage.

One thing you could try are those gel bra insets for more padding (the "chicken cutlet" things). I have a pair purchased at a lingerie store that help to fill me out when I need to.

#6 gypsy_girl on 2 years ago

It's not just ladies with smaller breasts that this can happen to. I'm DD and I have a corset that a friend gave me (because of the same problem) and I don't fill the bust, but it fits everywhere else. I wore a tube top underneath it and was more careful about what angles I was photographed at. If you looked at it side on it was more obvious that it didn't fit. I like it and by only taking pictures head on, I got some pictures that looked good. It doesn't show off my own cleavage that well, not like other costumes I have, but it still looks sexy because of the shape of the corset.


#7 WingsofAngels48 on 2 years ago

I'm also pretty small bused (B) and had to fill a bustier top. I used two different inserts which really helped me fill in.