Looking for a host at the Gamescom!

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#1 Stranemi on 2 years ago


I'm planning to go this summer at the gamescom with my brother, but coming from Paris + my cosplay cost me so much that I would like to know if somebody who lives in Cologne could host us for a few days :)

We're very respectful and could participate to all kind of tasks to help you during our stay, and we can pay all the food for ourselves if you want to ^^

(I don't speak German, but I speak French, English, Spanish and Italian)

Don't forget to eat 5 fruits and vegetables each day <3

#2 Syon on 2 years ago

Hello Stranemi!

Its nice to see international cosplayers are also coming to gamescom. Sadly I don't live in Cologne or near by, so I can't help.
Just a little bit of advice: This forum part has been dead for years. Its unlikely that you'll find someone here, who can help. The german cosplay community is probably most active on facebook, so joining a couple of big cosplay groups there would give you a much better chance of finding a host.

#3 Stranemi on 2 years ago

oh ok...

Thanks anymay for your advice XD

#4 SuzuStarlight on 2 years ago

Also, you can always try airbnb, because that's a side specifically offering places to stay for a few days :)

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