ALA Photoshoot Slots (OPEN)

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#1 deaneggsandsam on 3 years ago


#2 designerbaby on 3 years ago

Looking to book two photoshoots for both Friday and Saturday, at 11:30 if available. I will most likely have at least one other person with me on those days (everyone above age 21).

I would appreciate being able to see examples of your work, and you're also free to check out things that I've done on my facebook page: [url][/url]

#3 deaneggsandsam on 3 years ago

Of course ! I can message you or email you some of my work since I don't have an official page but definitely need to make one ! And if you choose you wanna do those photoshoots at ALA I can add you into the schedule ^^

#4 JessGoyanes on 3 years ago

I am totally interested for a Friday and Saturday session as well. Whenever you are available.
Friday I will be cosplaying Nozomi from Keijo and Saturday im going to be Taichi from Digimon!

#5 deaneggsandsam on 3 years ago

Of course ! I'll message you with my email and we can set some times up ! <3

#6 iKakaChan on 3 years ago

I am interested for Friday at 1 pm and saturday at 11am! I will have a partner with me in both shoots. Please contact me at [email][email protected][/email] with samples :) i appreciate it!

#7 Urems on 3 years ago

I'd love to do a shoot! I'll be cosplaying Rue from Princess Tutu on friday. I'll get there at around 11 and I'll be in the cosplay catwalk from 4-6, but any time other than that! :D let me know what works.