Alice Liddell Dress Skull

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#1 AmegakureAngel on 1 year ago

I have a bit of a problem trying to figure out how to finish up my Alice Liddell (Royal Suit) dress. I have the dress and apron all finished, but plan to make the big bow separately, as it's much wider and needs to be stiff enough to not droop. The problem is, I don't know how to attach the skull heart to the bow. I already have the skull made (I used foam), but I just need a couple ideas on how to attach it to the larger bow. I can figure out then how to attach the bow to the dress or apron. Any ideas? Some reference pics are below.

#2 Penlowe on 1 year ago

Ideally, when making the skull, you would have made a wire loop and inserted it while the foam was wet. So, a screw eye is the next best option. [url][/url]
They can be got in many sizes, a 1/4" wide top is probably comfortable.

EDIT: better yet, put two screw eye about an inch apart. two areas of attachment will make it wear more stable.
You might have to make the hole and then glue the screw eye in place, some foams strip out way too easily.

#3 loz64 on 1 year ago

Whenever I have to attach a foam piece to fabric and I want it to be removable, I use snaps. I take a piece of fabric, sew one half of a snap to it, then glue the fabric to the back of the foam (or if the fabric won't stick as easily, sew the fabric piece to a scrap piece of foam, then glue foam to foam for a tighter bond). The other half of the snap is sewn to the fabric where the foam will attach. Using more than one snap will help stabilize the skull if it's heavy.