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#1 Kiramay on 1 year ago

This is a huge stretch, but I thought I'd reach out to this community.
I shopped my local fabric store options and was only able to find one pink fabric that was not a lining/shiny/other inappropriate fabric option. It's a super thin knit and just not working well in terms of drape now that it's constructed. I know without using dye I won't get the exact color (and I refuse to use fabric dye, so please do not suggest it. I've done it before and it's a nightmare and never works for me. It always washes out without fail).
If anyone else out there has cosplayed Kairi from Kingdom Hearts (especially her outfit form 3) and maybe bought their fabric online and can share, it would be very helpful. I searched several online fabric stores that I knew of but turned up empty for anything pink. I've been looking at knits, medium-weight cottons, and blends that would produce a similar look to the two.

[URL="https://i.redd.it/6l2qisgp3u311.jpg"]Reference[/URL], in case it is needed.

#2 Penlowe on 1 year ago

Have you gone to a quilting shop or site? Quilters get pretty finicky about color and it's your best bet. No knits of course, but you can inner face or bond it to something fluffier or heavier to get the right feel.

#3 DlGlT on 1 year ago

Maybe a pink twill?

You can order swatches (samples) from fabric.com, so it may be worth a look around.

#4 CapsuleCorp on 1 year ago

Yeah in this day and age, if you can't get to a shop to look at things in person, ordering swatches - or, sometimes better, ordering yardage and then returning it if it's wrong - is how we have to shop. Monitors are so unreliable color-wise.

I don't know what her KH3 outfit looks like so I can't say whether a knit is a good idea or not. Her past outfits, I know the best ones I've seen have been twill and if not twill a Kona cotton. Kona has the widest range of colors so if you're super picky about it being a slightly this or a slightly not that shade of pink, it's worth looking into.

#5 Kiramay on 1 year ago

Thanks everyone, I am waiting on a few twill swatches right now. If it isn't right, when I have more room in my budget I'll take a look at fabric.com, they are a bit on the higher end for swatches but do have some promising looking colors.

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