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#1 DancingFish on 1 year ago

I am available for any sewing commissions. You can send a message to one of the listed means of contact below.

1) Here
2) Email: [email][email protected][/email]
3) Instagram: [url]https://www.instagram.com/elleferranis/[/url]
4) Facebook: [url]https://www.facebook.com/elleferraniscraft/[/url]

Please send me a message with the following info:
1) What you are looking for (with pics). If you have a long list of things you want done, I ask that you try to narrow it down to only 3-5 things as it takes me about 10-30 minutes per quote to calculate.
2) What parts you need
3) Your budget: This helps me narrow down materials to respect your budget.
4) Your deadline
5) Any other info you think might be important (like if you want things changed on the design or things like that)

Anyways, here is my portfolio


And commission info:

Feel free to just pm me with any questions! Thank you

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