Rin Tohsaka glowing gems and arm crest

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#1 Illyaria on 1 year ago

So I usually don't make props. I just buy them haha but I wanted to try to do my own for Rin especially because it's just added detail. Does anyone know how I could do the arm crest? Can I make it glow? What would last so I don't rub it off if my sleeve is down? She also has gems as magic weapons. What can I add to a little gem to make it glow?

I don't see where I can add pictures from my phone but the crest is a pattern of lines that glow green on her arm. Try to add photos later.

Thank you! Also please suggest things as if I'm a newborn trying to learn to talk lol!

#2 TMLiza on 1 year ago

Reference of the arm that OP is talking about: [url]https://anime.astronerdboy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/x02-Rin-shows-her-mage-crest.jpg[/url]

Anyway, I would look into tattoo paper for Rin's mage crest. Then you don't need to worry about it rubbing off or whatnot. To make it glow you're going to need to look into LEDS but someone else can help you out on that because I don't know too much about it.

Also for the gems, you can add a small LED on the back/in it.

#3 nathancarter on 1 year ago

How much new stuff do you want to learn for this? How are you with assorted crafting skills?

If you want to level up, make it out of acrylic with LEDs.

There's a pretty recent tutorial on Adafruit for doing something similar. The tutorial has a fully programmed circuit board for animated lights, but you wouldn't need to go that far for this project - just a simple on/off battery pack hidden in the shirt sleeve would be enough.

For the runes, mask off the non-glowing part with tape, and use sandpaper to sand/frost the part that should glow. The sanding/etching in the surface of the acrylic will catch and diffuse the lights.

(you might need to make a free account on Adafruit to see it)

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