Literal silver lenses!! (review)

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#1 Blood_Sword on 6 months ago

If you've ever wanted lenses that are actually silver, with the metallic shine and all, then I have found the perfect pair!

I'm not kidding, I was blown away when I bought these and put them on. The lenses have a metallic, glittery highly light-reflective print that makes my eyes look completely silver (yes silver, not just gray) and it's so frickin awesome that I can't believe it. They show up in virtually any light conditions and look undeniably silver to boot – it's one hell of a costume and fantasy lens! Click on the link below for the complete review and photos.

The lenses are called ColourVue Crazy Lens Kronos and I bought them years ago on sale from [URL=""]LensVillage[/URL] (psst, discount code 15SHIRO for 15% off!). They can be a bit hard to find, I haven't seen them on many other trustable sites, to be honest. Shipping was the usual 2 weeks as far as I can remember.


Review with a lot of photos here (on light eyes): [URL=""][/URL]

If you want to see more colored contact lens reviews I have a massive up-to-date list [URL=""]here[/URL]. :)