El Blanco Reaper costume - Overwatch

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#1 KayomiPL on 9 months ago

I would like to sell Reaper costume form Overwatch(El Blanco skin).
My friend took really good care on the details of the costume and it's well maintained.

The costume includes:
- hat
- cape
- mask
- guns
- guitars
- pants covers
- belt
- shirt
- gloves

The costume size is L/XL. PM me for detailed measurements if you are interested :)
The price is 300$ + shipping costs but I'm open for negotiations.

More pics: [url]https://dancingturian.tumblr.com/private/172998532494/tumblr_p7adl7NA1b1w6o0pv[/url]
I ship worldwide. I only accept Paypal. If you have any questions please pm me!

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