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#1 Lowcostcosplay on 3 years ago

Okay I hope I am doing this right but I have been a closet cosplayer for a few years now mostly designing for my friends and due to my own constraints choosing not to partake in the fun myself. Well that is over and I am ready for San Diego Comic Con this year and going for my first time. I had friends thought that the trip was costing too much and their cosplay would have to falter for the year. I as a graphic designer by trade thought I may be able to turn that skill into something fun and low cost for them. So this is my first Low Cost Cosplay attempt and maybe ou could all tell me what you think. I will be posting many other designs over the next few weeks trying to get at least one in a day because these are a few I went over with my friends and a whole lot of new ones. This is my first attempt at a vault dweller and the entire build can be found on my facebook page. I wanted to post it all here but it is quite long and I would have to change the layout of it as I am not sure how it would look or the versatility of the forums yet. If this is a No NO please do not flame me as I am really trying to help out the community of people who can not quite afford to cosplay at the level others do. I change my mind I will copy and paste then you can go to the page to see my links if it pleases you!


Okay Cousin asked about a Fallout cosplay design so I am going to give this one a try and put my own spin on it. This is what I am thinking and any item I mention will also be posted below.

1) Mechanics Jump Suit: Preferably a long sleeve (I will explain after). You can pick one up for 20 to 30 dollars below in the comments.

2) Fallout Shirt: Really any kind I liked the idea of grabbing one of the shirts that have nuke cola or some form of advertisement from the fallout universe.

3) A holster of some sort I found a really good shoulder holster I will post.

4) Bring your Fallout 4 Deluxe edition pip boy if you got it. If not grab your smart phone and download the pip boy app hold it in your hands and people will get the idea with the cool pip boy screen it provides.

5) Boots hopefully we all have a beat up pair of boots to wear black or brown. if not you can pick some up at Walmart or pay less shoes for 25 bucks.

Okay now for putting it together. So the reason I said it would be a good idea to get a long sleeve jumpsuit is to relieve the stress of having to sew the yellow into it if you do not have those skills. To do this only wear it for the bottom and use a belt to hold it up while wrapping and tying the top portions long sleeves around your waist. Put on and tuck in the shirt with the fallout logo on it. Put on the shoulder holster and boots. Tuck the bottom of the jump suit into the boots for more of a military look or leave them out for more of a civilian look. Pip boy applied or downloaded and you are ready to traverse the waist lands. Add additional touches like dirtying up the shirt and jump suit to make it your own and you have your very own one of a kind Fallout cosplay. Any other ideas and questions about this one can be posted below. I will as well post the items I found to complete this process in the comment sections.

So with the Items I post in the comments this potentially has the price tag of around $65 where as the ones that you can buy run around $99.

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