Gaining Weight

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#1 DevilinDetail on 3 years ago

So I have had, for the longest time, an inability to gain weight. Despite living a fairly sedentary lifestyle (I walk about an hour a day, getting to and from work and school, and do short jogs in the evening, but otherwise zilch) and am often sitting down for the majority of the day. I'm not exactly underweight, but I definitely skirt the almost-underweight in BMI, being 5'8" and 125 pounds.

I don't exactly eat healthy. I'm a very picky eater, so I learned to cook when I was young; I mostly cook bulgogi(beef, basically) in large amounts along with rice and some basic side dishes and eat it over the course of a week, sometimes curry or the occasional baked goods mixed in. I eat junk food fairly regularly, usually a snack every evening of chips, some chocolate, etc. I eat very slowly, not very much every sitting, and often have to force myself to eat past five-six spoonfuls of food.

A lot of my friends recommended I start exercising and eating more, but I'm not sure how to begin, and a lot of routines seem to involve losing weight as opposed to gaining it. Any advice?

#2 Mangochutney on 3 years ago

You'll need to eat more regardless, so start with that. Building muscle needs a calorie surplus, and so does adding body fat. By all means, do keep walking.

It's hard for somebody whose body wants to be a certain weight to be a different weight long-term. Be prepared for having to eat kind of a startling amount if you want to see results. It sounds like that's going to be a big challenge for you. Good luck.

#3 Dictamnus Albus on 3 years ago

firslty as long as you, and your doctor dont concider you to be unhealthy
in your lower weight, id try not to worry about it too much...
but do keep tabs on if you start losing more

how otfen does your meals consist of pasta or potato?
a higher carb diet will let you hold onto the fats more
(but not so much bread, as it has a tendency to absorb fats and pass)

and having a higher body fat, will aid in muscle gain, if your looking
to be a bit heavier, w/o being more bulky

you could have a medical issue, that causes low apetite stimulation
or a sensitive "fullness" stimulation, so if you havent, id discuss this possibility
with the doctor

although its a bit tedious, try listing all the foods you eat (throught a week, or consistantly)
along with thier nutrient data (not just the data on the box)
but like listing that a carrot has x vitamins and minerals
it may help to find deficiencies
(i couldnt make myself do that, so im offering this as a "if you want" or "think itll help"
kinda thing more than a sugestion
cause it wouldnt be cool to sugest something that oneself would be unwilling)