looking for 2~4 Roommates for Fairmont!

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#1 Yunamii on 4 years ago

Got 2 double room at Fairmont.
Total is estimated at $606.
Split amongst 4: $151.50 /pp
Split amongst 5: $121.20 /pp
Split amongst 6: $101 /pp

Days: Thurs (day 0)-Monday(checkout)

Looking for female roommates.
Please PM me and I will send over a brief questionnaire to make sure we'll be a good fit.
Currently just myself and my friend, both females in our early twenties.

Quiet room, no parties.

#2 mastershambler on 4 years ago

I know you're looking for females but my gf and I and another male friend are looking for a room. All cosplayers, quiet respectful and looking to help buy food or bring anything you else you guys may want such as alcohol. All in our twenties. I've been con going since 2005.
Thank you for considering us :)

#3 beloved4ever on 4 years ago

You know.. We never actually get to hang out together! Always planned to, but never got the chance! But I'm married now, so rooming with people if a different story depending on who's comfortable with the idea! Regardless.. We should hang out at Fanime!

#4 chezzus on 4 years ago

messaged you!

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