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#1 TranquilTempest on 1 year ago

I'm cosplaying as Cullen from DAI this Sakurcaon, and have previously done so at Kumoricon of last year. I've been going to this con for a few years now, but the most I've ever had as a prop weapon was a bow I made for a kindred cosplay last year.

I have a foam sword along with a real one, and I would prefer to take the real one if possible because my foam sword is very large, and unrealistic to the character. I was reading over Sakuracon's policy, and I'm just not sure if the real one would be allowed or not. It is small, with a live edge, but does have a proper sheath. I only plan to wear it for photos, and have a sword frog to keep it on me without needing to hold it all day. I might see if I can get a few zip ties to see if it can be properly ziptied close because the policy does state that.

I'd rather just not bring it at all if it's a total no go instead of bringing it, finding out it's not allowed, and then having to carry it back to the hotel. Does anyone have any experience bringing things like this to con, and if it's possible or not? Thanks!

[URL="https://scontent.fsnc1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/13907084_1435051956512207_6738198996409427765_n.jpg?oh=0b2dc9e4ffbc6f8da300dbb0df3880b6&oe=59965954"]Here is a photo of me with the sword sheathed on frog[/URL]

#2 Jei-Cos on 1 year ago

They do allow real bladded weapons, as long as they are in the sheath like you have it. Don't zip tie it yourself, let the convention do that. They have a way they do it for ALL swords which means they know for a fact it can't be removed. If you do it, they don't know that you don't have a method of removal, so they ask that they do it. Just go up to the Peacebonding booth as soon as you get to the convention center.

#3 TranquilTempest on 1 year ago

This is great news thank you for your help!