Gun Gale Sinon sniper rifle

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#1 beckala3505 on 2 years ago

Hiya all,

well I thought I'd make my debut in CosPlay projects by doing Sinon's Sniper Rifle.

It seems there are two variations of it. One has a long wooden stock and the other has an adjustable one.

So I'm going for the later.

Using Autodesk inventor am going to get on designing it and figure out some details as to how much of it will function and what I can use for various parts. A lot of it will be 3D printed.

I am looking forward to doing this.

If any one has any input, suggestions etc... I am all ears.

I will post pictures soon.


#2 beckala3505 on 2 years ago

this is the start of the adventure of making the rifle.

am doing a test print of it to see if I got the right idea for size.

[IMG][URL= sniper rifle/FLASH SUPPRESSOR_zps5zsj2ovu.jpg.html][IMG] sniper rifle/FLASH SUPPRESSOR_zps5zsj2ovu.jpg[/IMG][/URL][/IMG]

#3 beckala3505 on 2 years ago

well this is the build started.

I find it difficult to judge for the right scale but I think this will work. Once I have the barrel on it will definitely see if it does.

still needs finishing off. get rid of some of the excess and smooth it out.