Another Anime Convention 2016

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#1 Morpher on 3 years ago


So, another con brought to my attention that I gave some thought and decided I'll be attending it. First time I'll be going to this one as well. Didn't see a thread for it here so I made this thread for it. Anyone else going to? And do you know who you'll be cosplaying as? For me I'm thinking of Sukuna Hikona from Persona 4 only if I get the supplies I need in time to finish it. If It's not completed I'll be Naoto Shirogane (summer outfit) from Persona 4; I may even bring my lab coat so I can switch to Shadow Naoto if I want but bringing the lab coat ain't definite.

EDIT: So it's locked in (thanks to a wrist injury) that I'll be sporting Naoto Shirogane (summer outfit; lab coat still not definite.) Sukuna Hikona will just have to wait for next time.

#2 TMLiza on 3 years ago

I'll be going on Saturday only. :) I'm hoping to be Vex from Critical Role(if I finish in time...)

#3 SLDarling on 3 years ago

I love AAC! It's pretty much our hometown con with my friends! I will be Cyan from Show by Rock on Friday, Weiss from RWBY on Saturday (possibly switching over to Gumi from Vocaloid in the evening) and then possibly Dragonface on Sunday.

Also I am organizing the AAC RWBY meetup for hopefully Saturday if anyone wants to check it out: