Smash! 2016

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#1 Kikialus on 2 years ago

[CENTER][U][U]SMASH! - August 20 - 21 - Rosehill Gardens[/U][/U]

[INDENT](photo belongs to smash!)[/INDENT]
So it seems SMASH! is creeping up quite quickly this year and is nearly here! Around only three weeks away, I hope all your cosplay progress is going well and hopefully no one will be experiencing the dreaded con crunch right before the event! Let us know who you're cosplaying to SMASH! this year and maybe find some fellow cosplayers to hang with during the event!

I know that these forums are quite dead but I'll keep up with my tradition of writing the event threads. I've also noticed lately there seems to be a spark of new cosplayers joining and searching for some groups and cosplayers to join, so welcome to all you guys!