Luna's trident from FF XV

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#1 CFHinLA on 3 years ago

I know this isn't a costume but I'm always looking for TRUTHFUL feedback.

This is Luna's trident from FF XV and was a commission (I'm in process of making a second one under commission as well) so advice is helpful.

This one pictured is solid wood construction and it a one piece prop (does not break down). It weighs right around two pounds and is exactly 6 feet long. The only pre-fab part are the balls under the trident head. Everything else is hand shaped and the engraving is all hand done with a Dremmel (and was very tedious!)

The paint is all Rustoleum spray paint but the silver trim on the tail piece and the head was sprayed into a glass, then brushed on.

Honest opinions are appreciated and if you were to commission this, what would you be comfortable paying?

Thank you.

#2 CFHinLA on 3 years ago

Here is the reference image I built off.

This is the basis for the engraving. There is room for improvement there.