mental fitness, for other things, but fitness too

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#1 Dictamnus Albus on 2 years ago

personaly i struggle with anxiety and self-consciousness
to the point i cant bring myself to exercise in the solitude of my own room
(and many other issues)

but if one of your issues is looks, but you cant find the mental fortitude to change
it remains a roadblock to recovery

ive looked at the crap around the internet, and went to a therapist (1 time)

(the reason i only went to the therapist once is cause they were going to have me
work through a ...workbook, that closely resembled the "special ED" schooling
that i did for 12years (EBD program))

and all the "help" boils down to a few ridiculas notions
1, dont think negative
2, let it go
3, "fake it till you make it"
4, get out there

"im afraid to leave the house", "what, pfft! just get out there, ignore everyone
and pretend your happy"

ya, that works wonders
sarcasam aside,

anyone find anything thats ACTUALLY helpfull? (for anxiety and self-consciousness)
(for the love of cosplay, dont say "talk it out")
the idea being, in cases where specific mental issues need to be worked on
so that you can effect further change

#2 Yukeshiro on 2 years ago

I couldn't bring myself to excercise as well, because I'm lazy and I tend to procastrinate. I found that having a gym buddy, or someone who is excercising as well, helps me a lot in bracing through it myself. We would chat daily and joke about our sore muscles or about what routine we did that day. We chose the "blogilates beginner workout calendar", because choosing alone what you want to excercise can be a bit scary. And that's how we put through it.
I'm not a psychoterapist by any means, so in this regard I cannot help, unfortunately. I'm just shairng what helped me.

#3 Black Blossom on 2 years ago

Yeah I know how you feel. It's not easy to just go out there and talk to people, leave the house and pretend everything's ok and peachy. It's not that simple. What some people may not understand is that anxiety is something that can affect things such as sleep, daily routines and such. I know it feels different for you, and I know I didn't summarize everything but it is a part of it.
My family just thinks it's me being anti-social. I just choose to make friends with people who are worth my time, and forget people who are not.
What helps me is -- tennis. I play sports and keep it in my life to help me relieve the stress and anxiety I have. I like the fresh air (despite playing in hot weather but I can handle it), the serve of the ball, hitting the ball.
I also wanted to take up swimming (still do) because I enjoy being in the water. I like the resistance of the water, the calmness of it and lets me focus on just that. The water.
I went on a trip back in February and was able to go to the beach, and a pool the hotel we stayed at had. I took advantage because it was nice to be away from home, I let the water calm me down, and to just let myself enjoy myself for once.
You may not want to take up sports or even these sports in particular, but the idea is to look for something that gives the 'high' these examples do for me.
There are sport related animes, like Free!!, Yuri!! on Ice and I think one called Prince of Tennis if you are interested in doing a combination.
I mentioned the sport side more because sports is something that allows for someone to overcome stuff, and lets people be happier, just like cosplay does.
You can look into a sport that you think fits to help relieve some stress. Speaking of, my friend actually owns a punching bag his brother bought for him. Whenever he feels pissed (he himself actually doesn't have anxiety but he does feel self conscious) he just goes at it on his punching bag. There's another option you can look into.
I hope this helps in some way, this is only my experience and how I deal with it and maybe you can do what I do and see if that works for you too.

Forgot to mention something else. Nutrition is something to keep in mind as well. Tea can help too. If you can stomach it (because I know a lot of people don't really like it) drink mint/chamomile tea before bed and add honey to make it sweet. This has helped me a lot, but I didn't count on it for it to do the job for me, I need to do some everyday stuff to help it kick in.
Eat stuff that has high levels of iron to keep your energy levels up which might kickstart your brain to want to do something productive.

#4 Emi Hana on 2 years ago

One of the biggest problems in my weight loss journey - well, 2 actually - is that I have inherited my Italian Grandmother's short, stocky, and apple-shaped body - she came over from Italy in the 1920's. Now, having had the luxury of going to Italy, I have found that there are 2 basic body types in that country: short and stocky / tall and skinny. So, quite bluntly, with my body shape, I am never going to be tall and skinny. That's just that. I don't have the power to just grow several inches and get slender, so the best I can make-do with is get to a healthy weight and shape. I have a doctor's appointment in Aug. so we should be able to find out what my weight goal / range should be.

My second biggest problem is that the classroom at my gym is covered 3/4 in mirrors. So it is kind of depressing when I look into one of the mirrors when I'm not following movement from my class teacher. Slowly, I'm starting to ignore looking at me and paying attention to the teacher, but still, with a majority of my classmates tall and skinny, it can be depressing.

I know it can be a mind-over-matter thing, but sometimes looking at my classmates, mirrors, and or thinking about my grandmother, just doesn't make my journey mentally easier.

#5 gypsy_girl on 2 years ago

Everybody is different. The trick is to find what works for you. For me, music. I have many different playlists that I've put together to help alter my mood. I have music to calm me, make me feel bold, energize me, and help me work. There's very specific music I listen to when I work out. It helps me ignore other people, mirrors, and just work out at the gym.

Good luck.