Persona 5 Makoto Niijima

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#1 lasterr on 1 year ago

I was wondering if anyone had thoughts or suggestions on how to go about doing her outfit. Maybe I'm over thinking it, but any suggestions would be great!



#2 Sugar.Code on 1 year ago

Can you give us more info on what kind of help you want? Like, can you sew alright or are you a total beginner? Do you need material help? Pattern suggestions? Wig advice? All of the above?

#3 lasterr on 1 year ago

Sorry I was super vague! I was wondering if I should buy a black bodysuit and then sew the details on to it. I don't think my sewing is good enough to do the entire thing from scratch haha.

#4 Sugar.Code on 1 year ago

Ok, so, it seems like that's not so much sewn on details than it is basically a second, more elaborate bodysuit on top of the first one, with boots and the lace up chestpiece thing being separate pieces. Um, you could definitely just buy the first black one, it's super simple with no bells and whistles. The second one is a different material and would probably have to be more tailored to you specifically. Just depends on what you want to do.

#5 lasterr on 1 year ago

Awesome, thanks!!

#6 NykkiJo on 1 year ago

The outer material has so much body - my first thought would be trying pleather or neoprene. They would match that matte, athletic look while still being able to hold the spikes. Padding her shoulders looks like it would be fun. If you need a couple of stitches to hold the shoulder padding in place, the spikes would be able to completely cover up your work.

Cool character. :)