help! Need to fishtail Braid a cheap wig!

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#1 Lillie on 2 years ago

I'm Cosplaying Wonder Woman (Practice outfit/amazon), and Since i have short-green-Curly hair, i easily decided i would have to get a wig. I don't have much budget for the wig (10-17$) Since the cheaper Amazon ones ship faster, and all that i can personally afford. I also have an event very soon i need it for. I need it to be long and to be able to braid it without it looking horrible in the front.

Any advice on how to do this??? Should i go with a French braid/normal braid to make it easier? I'm pretty new to styling wigs, so i have no idea what i'm doing.



#2 Black Blossom on 2 years ago

For Diana's hair they gave her a fishtail braid and HERO Hair had posted a tutorial for it: [url][/url]
Your best bet for the look would be a lace front wig that has a widow's peak and to let you braid it back like human hair. But seeing as you don't have much for one for the wig you plan on using probably will work for you except it will probably have bangs so just give them a gentle part down the middle, unless you're ok with bangs.