Two Gundams from Two Shows

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#1 krazerkap on 3 years ago

My fiancee and I are both doing Gundams for 2018. She's doing the Freedom Gundam from Seed, and I am doing Deathscythe Hell from Gundam Wing (not Custom). What ideas do you guys have on what we can do to interact as two Gundams from different shows?

#2 walkerofdarknes on 3 years ago

Well, Duo was always a bit hotheaded, so having Deathscythe attack wouldn't be unreasonable. From there, you could end up stalemated and break down into tech speak (Hey, is that a modulated plasma field on your staff?). Of course, since Deathscythe DOES look similar to the Forbidden from Seed....Kira might have gone on the attack first.