Sci-fi military cosplay

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#1 AdmrlStarNight on 4 years ago

Okay I have a few questions and need some help.

I am a fan of the Honor Harrington series (Horatio Hornblower... IN SPACE!) and want to cosplay a member of one of the enemy militaries.

Thing is about these uniforms is that they are very 'modern' in their dress. They aren't Star Trek/Wars like, they look like actual military uniforms > [URL=""]Like this[/URL]

Now the enemy uniform, to everyone that I have talked to best knowledge we can get from the books, bears a heavy resemblance to the [URL=""]United States Navy white dress uniform[/URL].

So here come the questions:

How can I make it or possibly get it? (I can't make stuff to save my life)

I know how to play the character perfectly. Just the costume causing the problem.

And I know this cosplay MIGHT cause problems outside of a convention since it will look like I might be trying to valor steal (which is why this cosplay would never leave a convention unless in dire circumstance.)

#2 samwillow39 on 4 years ago

hi,, why you dont make it custom on the tailor?
or you can search on etsy or amazon, thats many unique stuff..

#3 Riina Kwaad on 4 years ago

The Royal Manticoran Navy on Facebook: [url][/url]

They originally had Cosplaysky make them, but they require a bit of extra work to make them right. They are looking for a US company, IIRC

I have one, and have made some modifications.

#4 samwillow39 on 4 years ago

hmm, i'm not too sure.
i'm newbie too here

#5 DOW234 on 4 years ago

Ebay or a custom tailor will help you a lot(go for the marketplace and post an ad)