Zombie Ariel and Ursula

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#1 LittleZombmaid on 3 years ago


Here are some photos of our Cosplay we recently did. We had about 2-3 months to complete this and sadly we ran out of time. During the con we started to realize there were things we needed to fix with the outfits, so we will be fixing somethings before we do it again. Any suggestions to help make them better would be greatly appreciated!!


#2 StarsOfCassiopeia on 3 years ago

First off, well done! There's a lot of good stuff happening here. :)

Really like your props, for starters. You have a bunch of good costume elements that add to the "wreckage" as well (like that shredded netting, and that glob in the stomach area on Ursula). It's already awesome, but you could take it a step further and rough up the costumes themselves more too-- areas like Ariel's bra and the black bodysuit part of Ursula still look a little too clean. (Totally understand if you want to keep them that way for the 'normal' versions of this cosplay though!) Stuff like steel wool, shoe polish, and general weathering paint go a loooong way.

One thing I'd look at for Ariel is her bangs. It looks to me like you were using real hair (which makes this even more challenging), but added poof there would definitely help with the accuracy of the character. It can be done with teasing and a crapton of hair spray, and heck, you could even leave it a little messy-- it'd add to the fun!

Overall I really like the makeup, particularly in the face area-- the standard character makeup is great and there's some cool texturing stuff going on around the mouths/face for both of you. That being said, the rest of the body feels pretty "flat" in comparison-- like dulled red streaks just scattered across the rest of the body. You've proven you can do some really gross/dynamic makeup with the face; apply that elsewhere too!

TL;DR what you've got is really solid, just do more of it. :)

#3 LittleZombmaid on 3 years ago

Thank you so much for replying! I'm def looking for responses like yours that are very honest! Sadly we ran out of time when we did this. I had a friend doing our makeup and I was terribly disappointed with what she did. But yes, roughing up the costumes more is needed. My tail I used a cheese grater on but could only do the top half and it doesn't show well in photos. My top we did that too but it didn't work well. What suggestions do you have for making the costumes look more distressed? Ursula actually has a trident coming out of the middle of her body. Probably can't tell in most of the photos. She's gonna have fish net on her next time as well. I also have barnacles to add to the costumes and then our bodies.

As far as hair, yes I'm using my own. I prefer to cosplay redhead as I love being a redhead. I was going to do my hair and make my bangs all big, but several people were telling me not to bother because I'm suppose to be a zombie version and her hair wouldn't be like that, I disagreed and thought I really needed the bangs! Next time I'll be doing that!!

Thank you for the great response! Any other suggestions is greatly appreciated!

#4 ebanks90 on 3 years ago

Dude this is so amazing!!! Would you mind if I featured it on our facebook and instagram? I work for fxcosplay.com and we sell special fx makeup as well as face and body paint and your charcaters are the best of both worlds!!!! amazing job!

#5 LittleZombmaid on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=ebanks90;5039025]Dude this is so amazing!!! Would you mind if I featured it on our facebook and instagram? I work for fxcosplay.com and we sell special fx makeup as well as face and body paint and your charcaters are the best of both worlds!!!! amazing job![/QUOTE]

You may absolutely use it! If you could reference us though. I am @littlezombmaid on Instagram. And soon we will have one for the both of us. You could also use hashtags like #undeadsociety #littlezombmaid #undeadthesea. I

#6 AlexandrMin on 3 years ago

Wow!great costume! I Hope you will find good photographer to make photo set for this costume )

#7 LittleZombmaid on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=AlexandrMin;5039247]Wow!great costume! I Hope you will find good photographer to make photo set for this costume )[/QUOTE]

If you know of anyone in the central Florida area that would want to do photos of us, let me know!! 😀😀😀

#8 Killerangel666 on 3 years ago

First off this is freaking amazing! I agree with what somebody else said about the body portion of the make up being flat, the only other thing I noticed was the clothing/props looked a little too shiny and 'alive' try making them look distressed and dead as well. Also I noticed you said something about central florida, any chances you guys are bringing these to megacon in may? I'd love to see these in person! 😃

#9 KitsuneDuo on 3 years ago

If only you were in the south Florida area, I know a ton of photographers that would love to do a shoot like this!

Like everybody else said, I love love love the idea and how ya'll pulled it off! But for the most part everything is just too.. neat? I second the idea of distressing the clothing, adding holes (if you're okay with it!) and such. As for the make up, Ursula's mouth was a great touch, but both could use more gore to them. You're zombies, you eat people and you're the walking dead. When I worked at Fright nights (a smaller scale Halloween Horror Nights in WPB), we had tons of things we added to make ourselves more greasy, dirty and just over all gross to look at haha. I would highly recommend looking up some special fx tutorials on youtube! I learned how to do a lot of my own zombie make up that way as well.

Either way, looks awesome!

#10 DanArt on 3 years ago

First off I have been studying too much photography and visual experience so everything looks sorta so/so at the moment.

Well a quick critique. I mean seriously the ursela ( the badgal ) is to hot. The poses and lighting could have been better. So much with the body paint could have been done. I mean
if that is a zombie then that is one kicking ( hot ) zombie. Too friendly. You could wear that to work and blend in.

It looks more like a backwards Little Mermaid called the "Littlest murderer: above the sea". They enemy is her friend and the father, her brother, and friend was eaten by the sharks. Then they decided to go and mingle with the humans or go to underworld.
See there I go being creative again.

I mean omgsh Ariel and Ursela are friends and ursela got a tan/colorized. omgsh. Okay okay that is enough.

Otherwise we could have done a lot more with the pictures

This one right here is probably the "best usage" in my opinion.
Again this is the best shot in my opinion. Because the thing she is holding and you could see her makeup looks very real. I could do something great with this shot. It could use some "retouching". I love this shot. This is my favorite. IDK if that is the lighting but otherwise it looks kind of off. If you gave me a link to the DNG/RAW of this I would love to do something with this image. Again this is my favorite.

Every other shot was the same exact pose but a different person, area, position. So much more could have been done with this cosplay. So much more. It is sad that so much more could have been done. I mean oh there goes Velma...and a pokemon kid out of his pokeball.
Could have been more

This shot is different but something is missing from it. It is a familiar pose but something else

It is a photography pose I have seen before. Otherwise it is showing off the makeup job rather then the imagination usage of it. The second close-up of Ariel have more color to it.

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