AniMore 2017

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#1 JettoBracku on 3 years ago

So, get this, next January, there will be an anime convention called AniMore, which will be in Baltimore, I'm so excited because I'm going :D
It will be about 3 days of exhibitions, cosplays, music, video games, manga, etc., everything that makes conventions great!
Who else is going?

#2 JettoBracku on 3 years ago

If you want more info:
Website: [URL=""]AniMore 2017[/URL]
Location: Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland
Date: January 13-15, 2017
Transportation: Taxi, bus, or a [URL=""]bwi shuttle[/URL]

#3 Yujin on 3 years ago

Can anyone who went last year give some insight onto how it went?

I was supposed to go, but my group pulled out last minute because of the snowstorm. (We'd be driving up from NoVA) So, I still have my badge credit thru BlackMateria and could apply it to 2017. I assume it *should* be a lot better this year, attendance wise and all, as long as the weather holds, but how was the general feel/worth of the con, you think? (I.e. any fun guests, panels, activities etc.)

#4 Ayaka456 on 3 years ago

I attended this this year, it was kind of boring. Which was due to the major snowstorm. Yet meeting Vic Mignonga , and getting to hang out with was really great[don't know if I spelled his last name right lol]. Anyway it was a pretty decent convention. I'm attending again in 2017, hopefully running my first panel there as well.