Alea der Bescheidene

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#1 nightbane284 on 5 years ago

So I recently came across a band called Saltatio Mortis. The vocalist (as well as the bagpipes, didgeridoo, guitar and shawms player) named Alea der Bescheidene caught my attention.

Upon Googling this man, I discovered an outfit of his that I would very much like to replicate for multiple reasons. :bigtu: The only problem is that I have absolutely no idea what each piece of his outfit might be called (if they aren't 100% custom) or where I could get these pieces custom made.

These images are my references

#2 samwillow39 on 5 years ago

hmm,,, i think that usual style like kimono with modification. maybe you can serach kimono as base.

#3 Edestra on 3 years ago

Hi there

I'm not sure you are still here on this platform but if you are, I would love to help out.

I wished I would have seen this earlier, because I personally made bespoken stage outfits.

Outfits...? Yes, these are two different coats.
The first one ist more narrow in both arms and body, while the second is more flared out.

I currently have the first one back at my place to alter it into a more "Assassins Creed" looking outfit, which is more of Aleas "thing" nowadays.

Anyway, if you are still interested in this, or even have done it, let me know.
I'm happy to help out, or would love to see pictures of your work.