Kindachi Cosplay's WH40k Ultramarines Champion Build

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#1 Kindachi on 5 years ago

Hi, all I'm new to the forums. This is my first cosplay and I've been working on a Space Marine for awhile now and would like to show you guys my progress so far.

[URL=""]Upper Body [/URL]


[URL=""] Backpack [/URL]

Thanks guys! If you've got any questions on how I made this stuff feel free to ask :3

#2 samwillow39 on 5 years ago

it's cool...
whats material that you use:angel::angel::angel::angel::angel::angel:?

#3 Kindachi on 5 years ago

It was EVA foam, sealed with white glue, resin, and autobody filler, then I sanded the whole thing down. =D

#4 samwillow39 on 5 years ago

thank you for the answer :D