Toothless Cosplay!!

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#1 HappyCatNinja on 4 years ago

Sooooo, I'd like some tips on making the wings and tail for my toothless cosplay. It's going to be a dress with wings, and a tail attached to the back, while his little ear/horn things will be attacked to the hood of the dress, as well as eyes and the teeth. The sleeves will have claws on them. Now that you have a good vision, for the wings, I am planning on using some metal hangers ((unfolded, of course, but they're sturdy)) as the main backing, and a simple black fabric similar to the type used on morph suits as the webbing. MY big problem ((besides babbling)) is the spikes on toothless's back that will run from about in between my shoulder blades down to the end of the tail. What should I make these off? The fabric is morph suit material, so it's not very thick, and there will be stuffing and hanger type wire throughout the tail. Any ideas that will look realistic but not amazingly expensive?

#2 Chiasmus on 4 years ago

Okay, so this is quite late, BUT:
You have a few options, using some of the fabric you are already using (note: morphsuit fabric is not something I have personally worked with, so take this advice with a grain of salt and experiment/research on your own as well.)
You can double or even "triple" the fabric over (so it stands up more on its own), apply interfacing or a similar product, add a thin layer of stuffing, or allow for removable cloth/carboard/foam inserts to keep the spikes shape (the latter of which would be quite time-consuming.)
I wish you luck!