Hetalia Cosplayers near Dallas, Texas Wanted!

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#1 BehindHazelEyes on 4 years ago

[FONT="Verdana"]I am extremely interested, and it is a [U]huge[/U] goal of mine to form a high quality Hetalia cosplay group. I would love to create CMVs, LARPs, Vlogs, even a youtube channel, and go to conventions with my group. I want to be able to call this group sincere friends, almost like family. This desire has been burning inside me ever since I've seen youtube videos made by groups like CrimsonHourCosplay and Vandetta Cosplay. If any of you live near Dallas, Texas, are interested, and value accurate and beautiful Hetalia Cosplay, please contact me. I have email, skype, instagram, and facebook, just shoot me a private message for any of that information.

I really want to meet Hetalia Cosplayers in my area, it would practically be a dream come true! As for me, I have only begun to cosplay. I really want to be America from Hetalia, he is my absolute primary role. After that, a few secondary roles I am also interested in are Austria, England, Germany, and Russia.

Again, please let me know if you are seriously interested. Necessary elements for this group to be born is someone or some people who knows how to record and edit CMVs, LARP Vlogs, and organizers and producers of such things. We will also need the cosplayers themselves. Honestly, I could envision this group being tight knit and generally small, but for specific things we could need up to about 12 cosplayers. [/FONT]

#2 BokuHetalia1234 on 4 years ago

I am a Hetalia cosplayer. I saw your post on cosplay.com
I will be attending the Feb. Comic Con in Dallas in Hetalia cosplay along with my friend.
I don't think it would be safe to put up my e-mail on here but my you tube is CreativeTomato and my profile pic is a very confused Iggy.
I hope to see you at the Comic Con or at least get to talk to you.
A fellow Cosplayer

- Hetalia cosplayer

#3 TudorQueen on 4 years ago

I'd be extremely interested in joining this. I currently cosplay Liechtenstein and plan on working on Hungary soon.

#4 iliah056 on 3 years ago

I would like to join this group!!

#5 Allie Starshine on 3 years ago

I know it's very late but I was so inspired by hetalia videos on YouTube and would love to participate in anything hetalia related with cosplays, I don't have any other friends who like hetalia and I live in Houston Texas

#6 not_pyrocumulus on 3 years ago

I would like to join as well, if you wouldn't mind! I live in Lewisville (just north of Dallas).

#7 HetaToma on 2 years ago

I know I'm super late but I would also like to join, if you still active if not I would also be interested in starting something if need be. (Although I'm from fort worth)

#8 Fun_house._ on 2 years ago

Hey, I was wondering if need an Aph Russia? And I live about 45 minutes from Dallas and do you have an age requirement?

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