Professor Layton/Ace Attorney Gathering 2015!

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#1 squaremom on 5 years ago

Hello! I'm sorry this posting is so late but I realized I never made a thread for this here!
(We have a good amount of Ace Attorney characters right now but we have pretty much no Layton characters so it would be really cool if some showed up! There is like one PL vs AA exclusive cosplayer right now)

So in celebration of the release of PL vs AA and the ending of the Layton series (also Ace Attorney which is still going strong) I'm hosting a gathering for both the Ace Attorney and Professor Layton fandoms! This means cosplayers for both fandoms, the crossover, AND spin-off games (like AAI/AAI2 or Layton Brothers Mystery Room or DGS) are welcome!

Day: Saturday (5/23)
Time: 5pm
Location: G6

Shot Order:

-Ace Attorney trilogy (Phoenix Wright games)
-Ace Attorney:Apollo Justice
-Ace Attorney:Dual Destinies
-Ace Attorney Investigations (both)
-Dai Gyakuten Saiban? (I doubt this will have any because it's not out yet)
~Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney~
-Professor Layton first trilogy
-Professor Layton prequel trilogy (includes the movie)
-Layton Brothers Mystery Room?

Characters (AA)
-Defense Attorneys
-Siblings/relatives! (ex. Phoenix/Trucy, Edgeworth/Franzizksa, Feys, etc.)

Characters (PL)
-Each game individually?
-Main Layton crew
-NPCS/characters Layton helps

Characters (Both)(If there is time)
-Protags (so like Layton, Phoenix, Apollo, Athena, Edgeworth, Alfendi?)
-Assistants (like Maya, Luke, Pearl, Emmy, Ema, Kay, Trucy, Gumshoe, Flora whoever shows up)
-Main PL vs AA crew

You guys can send requests here, on the facebook page, to my tumblr, or the fanime forum. There is also a tumblr post floating around so please reblog it. Please try to keep it PG/PG-13 (if you want to do more things as consenting adult cosplayers please save that for outside the meet up maybe? You guys can still request pairings as long as the cosplayers involved are okay with it)