5th element "Zorg" head peice??!!

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#1 G.Vaudevillain on 4 years ago

I'm doing a gender swap on the character "Zorg" from the Fifth Element and have everything but the plastic headpiece. My original intent was to have a friend (who is well versed in SFX prop making, cuz I'm not) to do a cast and a form fit mold, but that has tragically fallen through... now it's down to the wire and I need help!! If anyone has any suggestions what so ever on CHEAP and quick ways to achieve this, or a clever compromise, I would be eternally grateful!! FYI... I'm Not talking about a wig, I intend on using my hair I just need the headpiece.

#2 megers67 on 4 years ago

I had to look up a picture because while I love that movie, it has been a while. You might want to post a picture of what you're thinking of for future reference espeically if you plan on modifying it for the gender swap.

Anyway, I think the main questions is how you are going to do your hair. Are you going to shave the side or just pull it to the side? Because that makes a difference between putting something on your scalp or working it through your hair, both that have different ways of going about it. Are there skills that you already have? Like maybe not plastic molding on yourself, but do you know how to use something with the basic shape? What materials are you comfortable with?

I may not have enough knowledge to help you myself, but those questions can help someone who does have the ability to help you.

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