How about Windows 7, is it still good for PC games, or need to upgrade to windows 10?

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#1 janurmas on 3 years ago

I need to buy a new PC, and would like to know which OS will be the best for MMORPG games. The new Windows has on the market recently. Should I get the Windows 10 or keep on Windows 7. I have many old games can be played on Windows 7, but wonder whether they can run on Windows 10.

#2 Otaku Gunso on 3 years ago

Don't get windows 10, I updated my windows 7 desktop to a windows 10 and now my start bar is all messed up. Its been like that for a few months so I can't revert back at this point and since its an HP I don't have the installation CD or anything. You do better to just stick with windows 7 or 8 (: