Best Method for Fiona Wig?

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#1 anarchycupcake on 4 years ago

As a huge Zoids fan, I'd really love to cosplay Fiona from Zoids: Chaotic Century. The costume itself seems relatively simple, but how to go about completing the wig is perplexing me. [URL=""]Here are[/URL] [URL=""]a few[/URL] [URL=""]pictures[/URL] [URL=""]of what[/URL] [URL=""]her hair[/URL] [URL=""]looks like[/URL]. It's pretty odd haha.

Basically I'm unsure if it would be best to make a foam base for the spikes and go about it that way or to just do some gravity defying direct spiking. I'm leaning toward the later because her hair is less controlled spikes and more scruffy, but I'm not sure if it's feasible. Then I also don't know the best way to go about the ponytail part either.

Or if there's another way I'm not thinking of or any other suggestions or the best tutorials for these methods, I'd appreciate it!

#2 scrambles tdd on 4 years ago

You may be able to do what Wayne Static (r.i.p.) did, just do it to the wig. What he did was hold spikes of hair up, spray them with hair spray and hit them with a blow dryer while still holding them. You could do that, just hold it out at the angles Fiona's hair goes out at. See if that works.