Fun Kamina idea!

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#1 Jbeckjr on 3 years ago

Hi all! So I used to watch anime all the time as a kid, but took a break. Then I started watching Gurren Lagann this month and binged through it. I loved every second of it.

Anyway. There is a Anime Convention at the end of August near me that I was planning on going to, but I normally cosplay at conventions and wanted an idea.

I was going to get the correct blue wig / glasses and do Kamina! ... but i'm not confidant enough to go shirtless so I had the strange idea of doing something different and going as "Night Out Kamina" Wig/Glasses/Red dress shirt with the logo sewn in on the back and a orange pocket square, black dress pants, black shoes.

It's a strange idea but i've seen other people do something like it for other characters and it might be different enough to be fun!

Any opinions? Thanks!!!!

#2 boinam on 3 years ago

I think the idea of character variations are great as long as people still recognize who you are!

#3 Jei-Cos on 3 years ago

This is a very clever idea. Are you doing an time period specific kind or just normal now a days stuff?
What I mean is, I could TOTALLY see this as a 70's disco outfit. I don't know where it is becasue I don't remember the character, but there ws a picture of a 70's disco pose I've seen before, and i can totally picture Kamina doing it..

#4 Jbeckjr on 3 years ago

Thanks for the replies everyone!

Jei-Cos: I agree. I love the character but sometimes it's fun to see some different versions of them. Sometimes they can be hilarious or downright amazing. That's why I love Cosplay so much. It's not about making it exact *at least for me* it's about having fun!.

Boinam: It's funny that you mention that, because I've seen that pose before as well! My shirt is a shiny red, so it could definitely be taken that way. I grabbed the blue wig, and I went with black versions of his glasses because well... he is out on the town!

I'll try to keep everyone updated. Thanks again for the responses!