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#1 Satori Veda on 4 years ago

Does anyone here still need a place to crash/store your stuff for NYCC? I have had a space open up. We are at Yotel, which is about 2 blocks from the conventions center. It has a queen bed and two bunks, and you would be sharing with 3 other ladies (including myself. 2 of us are cosplaying :)). We have the room Thursday-Sun (3 nights). You don't have to stay all 3 nights either. It is kind of pricey though ($135/night), but it is a pretty swanky hotel. You can see pictures of it on Yotel's website. If you are interested, please send me a message!

I am working on a Hera Syndulla costume (from the new Star Wars Rebels cartoon), so we'll see how that works out XD.

#2 division-ten on 4 years ago

Is that $135 per person per night or total?

#3 Satori Veda on 4 years ago

It's $135 per night.

#4 division-ten on 4 years ago

Sorry I was not clear. Is it 135 each per night or 135 split among the people staying. Sorry!

#5 Satori Veda on 4 years ago

Ha-ha, sorry! It is per person.

#6 Satori Veda on 4 years ago

Still open! Just 2 blocks for Javits! It will be amazing :)

#7 Satori Veda on 4 years ago

Please let me know before 10/6 if you would like to join myself and 2 other ladies!

#8 division-ten on 4 years ago

Ugh. It's REALLY tempting for Friday night so I don't have to lug Rocket back to New Jersey. But I move the following week. I will let you know soon though.

#9 Satori Veda on 4 years ago

ok :)

#10 division-ten on 4 years ago

I didn't take it. My best friend works for the Javits and is letting me store my costume in his office.

#11 division-ten on 4 years ago


$10 a day to store luggage and they do overnight.

#12 siegkial on 4 years ago

If possible, is it possible that I can maybe take up some space? I have friends in NY but at the last minute changed to only two nights; I come in Thursday night. Worse comes to worse, I'll just come up for those two nights, but otherwise I'm trying to get in the whole weekend.

I'll be Garnet from Steven Universe for just about the whole weekend. I can afford the $135 a night and am clean, and will have just my costume and an outfit or two and just need a safe place to sleep, change and blow-dry my hair. Any questions, let me know.