A-Kon 26 Unofficial Cosplay Photos/Gatherings

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#1 tifaia on 4 years ago

The A-Kon 26 Unofficial Cosplay Photos/Gatherings sheet is up!


We're going high-tech this year and tried to streamline the process so it will be easier for everyone to add their cosplay groups without having to bounce around to multiple websites.

On the form you will find links to the new photo locations that have been mapped out and a list of photo groups that have already signed up *sorted by date, time, and location!* Everything is on a first come, first serve basis. For the first few months, I'll be updating it weekly. As we near A-Kon time, it will be updated it almost daily. If you need to make adjustments to your gathering request, submit a new form. It's that simple.

As always, these are not official A-Kon sanctioned events. This is for the fans, by the fans. Please be respectful of everyone's space and time slots. It is strongly encouraged that you create a secondary gathering location should A-Kon staff members utilize one of the spaces, or ask you to move.

Thank you again everyone for the past 2 years in being AMAZING at sticking to the schedule and not stepping on other groups. I'm thrilled to see our cosplayers stepping up and showing responsibility.

#2 tifaia on 4 years ago

A few reasons why we went with Google this year:

1 - Some forums *coughscosplaydotcomcoughs* can be difficult after a post is initially made. Updating became a hassle and it was a challenge to maintain new content when there are character limits. With the Google form, there are no limits.

2 - You don't have to bounce around to 4 different websites to check out location images and time slots. Everything is in one, convenient spot!

3 - Information required. Some groups were left out of the Guidebook in 2014 because they were missing information. We listed them on our internet sheet, but those looking in the hard copies and Guidebook would not see them. So, to ensure all information is provided, we have made them required. If you don't add the info, your form isn't submitted. Simple as that.

#3 HayBails on 4 years ago

do you know if anyone wants to have a vocaloid or Black butler photoshoot

#4 pookalali on 4 years ago

Any Aion cosplays? :D

#5 tifaia on 4 years ago

If you check the spreadsheet, there is an updated list available of what cosplay shoots are active: [url]https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NhR9HPwMqUtILFCCbgJBajaWq5CkzlT1SMX18JC6XM4/edit?pli=1#gid=1918849762[/url]

#6 Sinnocent on 4 years ago

[QUOTE=pookalali;4944757]Any Aion cosplays? :D[/QUOTE]

Holy shit I wish! Aion is a dream cosplay of mine, are you going to be cosplaying from Aion? If so I MUST FIND YOU!!!

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