1920s, Flapper Elsa

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#1 MissLumetta on 4 years ago

So I created a new cosplay persona. I realized I was getting more and more into Elsa themed cross over costumes so I created a new blog "Elsa of Auburndale" (cause I live in a town called Auburndale)

Here's my newest creation


If you want to see more of the photos, they're on my cosplay page and my new tumblr, [url]http://elsacosplay.tumblr.com/[/url]

#2 stefaniecat on 4 years ago

Fun way to (let it) go out of the box!

#3 comicalman on 4 years ago

Did you ever find someone to cos as an Anna Flapper? :)

#4 Taemi-chan on 4 years ago

This is a really nice off take of the normal Elsa, nice change of pace for the people to see! Great work!

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