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#1 Franz Glitter on 4 years ago

Hello to Everybody!
I'm writing this post asking for some idea. In fact, with my wife we're making up two costumes inspired to Peter Pan in Steampunk Way. My wife will be a mechanic Tinkerbell and her costume is 80% ready. Now it's time to start with mine. I wish to make a Captain James Hook costume, but I've hard time "Steampunking" it. Any idea? What do you think could turn the Disney Hook into a Steampunk Hook? I'd work on the hook itself, making it mechanic. Perhaps I'll make a robotic-crocodile-clock (that I'd make stabbed with a dagger passing it from part-to-part)... What else? Please give me some idea!


#2 MithLuin on 4 years ago

I just attended the Steampunk World's Fair as part of a Peter Pan group. Our Hook was genderbent, so lots of lace ruffles and a fun hat.

I agree that the character is very iconic as designed, so there's little room to add to or reinterpret. Maybe try for a slightly more historical and less cartoony costume...especially for details like weapons/holsters and any other accessories. But if you wanted to make a mechanical crocodile to go along with it, that could be fun.

You can also just be Hook, as is, and threaten to smash everyone's watches :P

#3 EdenAnarchy on 4 years ago

I really love this idea! As far as the costume goes, I'd stick with the iconic red jacket and hat, but I'd go with a slightly richer red, like a wine or burgundy, in a satin finish or a damask print. And instead of the gold, I'd go with copper or brass buttons & trim work. Epilutes (shoulder decorations on older/military style coats) made out of chain and gears would help sell the badass factor. For any other ideas, I'd look up old navel captains clothing or steampunk pirate clothing for inspiration :)