Regulation with military costumes?

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#1 Noize on 4 years ago

This has probably been answered but I couldn't find the topic.

I have been wanting to cosplay as Prussia and England. I am also going to add in [URL=" mil.jpg"]Akira[/URL] from the BL game, Togainu no Chi. I think I will get more results in the Hetalia thread because the uniform Akira wears is similar to what many of the characters in Hetalia wears.

Please excuse me if I say something wrong. It has been a while since I last took a history class. Prussia's uniform has the iron cross on the tie area. Someone I know who cosplayed as Prussia was asked to take it off because it was offensive. Akira's uniform resembles a nazi uniform, though thankfully it does not have any symbols. I did not know his uniform resembled a nazi uniform until someone told me. The last thing I want to do is offend anyone with what I am cosplaying.

Are their rules with military costumes? I will not be carrying a flag. I don't want to get in trouble and offend anyone for what I am wearing. Thank you.

#2 KuruttaKanashii on 4 years ago

Be careful. If you're going to wear anything, anything at all with Nazi connotations, I don't care if you're Prussia or a Hydra agent, you need a damn good reason for it. Shock value's not good enough. And you damn well better read up on the Nazis. Know your shit.

#3 Noize on 4 years ago

I talked with a couple of my friends who planned on the cosplays with me and we agreed we would talk to the convention staff about the costumes and we would change into a different version if they had issues with the uniforms. Thank you.

#4 kenlagamine on 4 years ago

[CENTER]i want to go as poland, but beacuase of what's going on with isis and everything, there's a slight problem wearing military uniforms out in public...
it sucks, but you gotta save your butt out of some serious trouble.
again, the nazi-resembling uniform can be a offending to others.[/CENTER]

#5 mathilda on 4 years ago

On some German cons military uniforms are forbidden, so best would be to carefully read the rules of the con you want to go to and in doubt ask the con staff. C: