FFX-2 Dressphere: Gun Mage

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#1 KittyAngel on 5 years ago

Hello everyone. This tread will be for anyone who wants to do the FFX-2 dressphere, Gun Mage. I'll be doing this one as well. So please do share tips, ideas, and suggestions to all future Gun Mage cosplayers.

Anyway, I've found this awesome website that it literally has all 3 girls in their dresspheres and they're at every single angle. So for this case, use it for your Gun Mage reference:


Now, I do have 2 question. Okay, I'm just about done with my White Mage Yuna cosplay and I'm kind of preping up for the Gun Mage Yuna. Everything's in order except I'm getting stumped on the color purple for hers. Here's Yuna's Gun Mage:


From what I've seen, some other Gun Mage Yuna's has gone to the color maroon. The difference would be that some went towards a satin or flat satin fabric, while others went to a crushed velveteen fabric.

My 2 questions would be:

1. What color would you call this and would it be okay to go towards maroon if for some reason or another I couldn't find this color?

2. In terms of fabric, how should I handle this in the purpleish color? I've already have the light blue color in like a chiffon and a cotton, but they're both very reasonable in terms of quality.

Thanks so much you guys:bigtu:

#2 lemuries on 5 years ago

I would actually call that more of a purple/grape, on my monitor. To me, maroon is seen with more red tones in it.

I approach these colors in a strange way, and I apologize if it doesn't make sense, but think of them like a musical melody. For instance, my chocobo colors made up a chord: butter yellow, grey taupe, and burnt umber. They have a certain distance from each other on the color wheel. As you've seen with your maroon, a color you see is usually made of shades of other colors. Chords are notes on an instrument that are a certain distance from each other on the musical scale.

If I find that I have to build a costume on a primary color that is CLOSE to my reference picture, but not perfect (say, it has more green in it than the original), then I color-shift all the other colors in the same way (in this example, with more green)... just the way a musician can use a different chord and be reminiscent of the original, so long as the new chord's parts have the same relationship to each other as the original did.

SOoooooo, all that is my way of saying that if you've found your light blue, then you can choose your maroon's color according to how close your blue is to the original blue. If your blue is a bit more periwinkle, then a redder maroon should work well. If you are spot on, you should get a purple that is spot on.

In my case (butter cream, grey taupe, burnt umber), I found a grey taupe and burnt umber that were nearly perfect, but had to bleach a gold-like yellow until it was pale like butter and then go from there.


I hope I haven't been so wacky as to be no help at all.

#3 KittyAngel on 5 years ago

Oh, you see a grape color on your monitor? Interesting:toothy:.

Anyway, oh no, you made sense. I think the only reason why I was asking if maroon would be okay, in case I couldn't find this purple or at least something similar to it, was the fact it's considered a red violet (purple) to begin with.

My ultimate goal is to find this very similar purple, but again, just in case. I will consider the purple with tents of green. So, I will go on and ask then. Do you think a flat satin fabric, in this color, would work or should I go for maybe something little more on the lines of silk, taffeta, sateen, etc.?

Again, the blues that I have, actually, the chiffon one is practically the same color as the reference picture I have now, so in terms of the blue, it made my decision for me. I just have a light blue that would have a periwinkle tent as a backup perse.

Anyway, thanks so much:bigtu: Like I said, I'm just preping for right now. Unfortunately, the sewing pattern for her top was perfectly flawless in terms of the shape, is now out-of-print:( So I had to find an alternative. So, again, thanks so much:D

#4 kandell on 5 years ago

My gun mage Yuna was made with suede. I haven't found the exact color in ages, but I really liked it.

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