Need help on cosplay for Kurogane

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#1 FireSuki on 5 years ago

I'm doing Kurogane from Tsubasa. I have most of the cosplay figured out. I'm just having a hard time with the collar on the cape. What is a good what to keep it standing up but not make it look like the cone of shame. Please help. I have less than a week to finish it.

#2 Mehdia on 5 years ago

You could try some really stiff interfacing or even putting some sort of foam between the layers. I found some thicker facing stuff in the interfacing section at Hancock Fabrics before. It has a backing that peels off and you can iron it to the fabric. I used it in a mock obi and pretty much put the whole thing together with an opening that I slipped the interfacing in and stitched the opening up. Then I ironed over the piece to fuse the interfacing to the fabric. That's just an option at least.