Yuuko Dimentional Witch dress patterns?

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#1 maskedrose on 5 years ago

Hello All!

I've seen some lovely cosplays of Yuuko and I am working one as well (a kimono one).

I want to also do one of her other outfits: [IMG]http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/files/costumes/4193/37146/Yuko_2.jpg[/IMG]

I'm pretty much stumped.

I was thinking some sort of strapless dress and sleeves attached under the armpits....

If you have made this, I'd appreciate if you shared your experience.


#2 Catherinecat on 5 years ago

I'm currently in the middle of doing that dress myself, but it's turning out amazing so far.

The dress pattern I used was Simplicity 2400 (View B). Its basically a strapless dress in the same shape as Yuuko's. Depending on how true to the source you want to be, you may want to modify the back to be a lower back, and have a slight train.
Other modification I did was cut out 2 versions of the main (one in black, one in purple), and used one instead of the lining so that I can sew it all together at the bottom to create the different inside color.
Finally, the front has to be slit down the middle. I suggest doing this after you've sewn the top together, but before you hem the bottom so it doesn't fray while you work and you can see how far on your own silhouette that you want the front opening.

I used black and dark purple satin (heavy, dull satin, not the crappy party/costume stuff) for my fabric.

As for the sleeves, that is my next project, but I have created a prototype. The sleeves were cut using my own personal pattern, taking inspiration from Japanese kimono sleeves. Basically, cutting a tight fitting sleeve on a fold, that looks similar to a long skinny rectangle butted against a larger rectangle. The top will take some playing around with to get the right shape, so I definitely recommend using scrap fabric to try it out a couple times.

Ideas on making the sleeve pop out like that: so far, I have bra wires (no point), 12 gauge wire (from old project, otherwise I would use a smaller wire), and plastic boning.
If you have any better ideas though, I'd love to hear them.

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