Wondercon Cosplay Music Video

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#1 deadpool790 on 5 years ago

I know this is a photo critique section but I notice there isnt one for video.

I would love all to see and what they think of my cosplay music Video.


#2 Foques on 5 years ago

awesome job! makes me wish I spent more time with video editing :D

#3 pandabear925 on 5 years ago

Loved it. Everything was spot on ^_^

#4 Zombie Hadouken on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=Spiritomb;4867073]That was so cool! I wish my DSLR had that video quality, because I would so do this.[/QUOTE]

with video, most cheaper canon T series paired with a decent lens like a f1.4 or 2.4 gives amazing video, the rest is in editing and lots of people use the cheap program Magic Bullet Looks to add effects easily.
A good startup DSLR video setup example -

Canon T3i - $380
Magic Lantern Firmware (makes video 1000 times easier)
EF 50mm F1.4 lens - $250
EF 85mm f2 lens by Mitakon - $150
Magic Bullet Looks - $399

Remember that this is a basic amateur level setup, but it can do amazing things if you know how to setup your shots in advance with things like shutter speed, ISO, white balance, etc...

I dont know much about the Photo side, as I focus on Audio/Video editing mostly. but thats my 2 cents on the video side.

you dont even need great footage to end up with good video. Just remember with video you want to craft some type of narrative in the video, especially when just using music and no dialogue.
Also, dont use copyrighted music if you want your video to be seen on youtube. My friend coaches a peewee football team and gave me a whole seasons worth of video footage (300GB's worth, none of it great). So I grabbed some of the star kids on the team for one on one interviews (Whole Teams parents had to sign waivers) and this is what I put together.
I dont think its great, but I managed to craft a basic narrative of the season with the footage I was given. The people in charge of the Peewee league actually approached me after this and hired me to film next years season and edit it up, for a pretty good fee.
Point is, most of this footage was taken with basic DSLR's with crappy lens. So you can do a lot just in editing.
Video is different monster than photography, even though they a lot in common.

#5 NaughtsApproach on 5 years ago

really makes me regret getting my nikon. should have gone with a canon with video capabilities Y__Y

Great job! only comment i can add is i wish more full body shots were used. seemed to be mainly upper torso.

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