Posing With Incorrect Height Differences

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#1 ChosenOfKagami on 4 years ago

I'm SO sorry if this question has been answered elsewhere! I saw a bunch of questions about posing for specific characters or with partners on this forum, but I'm still having trouble finding an answer to this specific issue.

My friend and I might be cosplaying as 2 characters from Noragami (Yato & Hiyori). The problem is, I'm cosplaying as the taller character, but I'm shorter than my friend by about 5 inches.

Does anyone have any suggestions for ways we can pose together for photos that will make the height difference less noticeable? Aside from just having one of us sit or kneel while the other stands?

Thanks in advance!
And again, sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere! D:

#2 lemuries on 4 years ago

Could you make & bring a wooden box to stand on that is strong enough to support you, and have the camera people just make sure that the feet are out of the shot?

#3 Akahime on 4 years ago

I would make the taller cosplayer of the two/group sit down if he or she is supposed to be shorter than the rest. Of course that would limit a lot of the shots done, but that would also mean you don't have to carry a wooden box around.

Good luck! :)

#4 Ashurachan on 4 years ago

An inspirational blog for this sort of thing :

Levi is taller than Eren but they make it work ^^

#5 Amikyo on 4 years ago

I have this problem quite often- I'm 6'2", so if I do a group cosplay, chances are that the heights will be off. Its hard to completely reverse which cosplayer is taller without having one sit or stand on a raised platform, but you can make the difference less obvious by having the taller person slump or slouch. This only works if poses like that make sense for the character, however. Additionally, if posing near a wall, have the taller person lean back against the wall and slide down a bit, while the shorter person stands straight up.

It isn't that big a deal, though, so don't worry about it too much. Do make sure you practice posing together, though, and if you come up with any other clever height-minimizing poses, please share!

#6 skuggi on 4 years ago

Make sure the photographer know's who's supposed to be taller, ask him for help in figuring out the angles. Action type poses can also help in distracting from the height difference.

#7 ChosenOfKagami on 4 years ago

Thanks so much for the useful tips so far, everyone! The two of us will definitely have to practice coming up with some interesting poses together with what you guys suggested. And if we think of any other solutions in the process, I'll be sure to let you all know.

And if more people have other ideas, please, by all means, chime in and share!

#8 Niichromeus on 4 years ago

Not sure if it's still useful but you can try wearing plats. As in platform shoes.

#9 nashza on 4 years ago

Stand on a platform

#10 crimsoncolours on 3 years ago

Maybe try standing a bit in front of your friend? If you two stand at a bit of an angle, your friend may look shorter (or at least at equal height to you) if you start a bit ahead of them. I'm sorry if I'm not making much sense, but I tried it once when I was Miku and my friend was Luka, and of course I was the taller one while being a shorter character.

#11 ilafatyu on 3 years ago

Look up a gallery of cosplay photo expectations vs reality. There's plenty of ideas in there. Like this one:

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