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#1 ChezPhoto on 5 years ago

Portfolio: [URL=""]Cosplay[/URL] | [URL=""]Fashion[/URL]

~*~*~*~If you have booked with me before, my process has changed as of this convention, including payment/rate. Read carefully!~*~*~*~*

Hello all, it’s time for cosplay-shoot booking for AB2014! This will be my fifth year photographing cosplayers at AB. I am very, very excited to go again. I’ve had great experiences photographing cosplayers, I love it so much, and I’ve had pleased clients every year! I look forward to meeting you all and re-meeting past clients!


Because of unfortunate experiences in the past of people booking and still canceling, or not even having the decency to tell me they can’t come (leaving me waiting and disappointed and disrespected), I am requiring all shoots to pay a non-refundable $30 booking fee at the time of reservation (unless you are paying the $50 rate in which case your deposit is $25) Please paypal me to the email [email][email protected][/email] . Let me know if you experience any trouble.
This deposit will be deducted from your total when I you pay me in cash, in person. So say you’re just a solo cosplayer for an hour shooting with me, you’ll pay 30 now and 30 at the con. Say you’re a group of 5 for an hour (total cost - $80). You pay me 30 now and 50 at the con. Hope Im being clear! If you have any questions let me know, I suck at explaining…especially numbers.

As much as I wish I could say I spend the money I make for this on fun, I don’t. Rent, food, transportation, bills, savings… my time I allot is very important. I expect as much understanding from my clients as I give them, which means serious inquiries only.

MY RATE is $60 an hour plus an extra $5 per extra person. ($50 if you’ve booked with me as a solo cosplayer more than twice in the past.)

Below are my available times for AB! To ensure a slot, you MUST email me at [email][email protected][/email]. Do NOT book with me unless you have your hotel booked and your pass purchased. You will not have a slot if you do not pay the booking fee. If you are a group or booking for your group, you must have approved with all group members on a timeslot and the rate. I have no tolerance for people who flake out or book with me for fun—I need serious cosplayers who would like professionalism and I expect the same in return.

Now that all that serious higgildy-piggildy is out of the way…

In your email, please include the following:
Amount of people
Photo/link of your cosplay/WIP/etc (REQUIRED) (this is to ensure that you are a serious potential client and not someone who is wishy-washy or unsure—I need to know your costume exists so I can feel confident you will show up)
Phone number to best reach you during the con
(I will only use it before the shoot if I cannot find you. You will also have my number.)
Referred by: (how did you find out I was booking shoots? Facebook/ friend? Please mention friend’s name or cosplay username)

CURRENT SLOTS (if you don’t see a preferred time, email me with what you’d like and I’ll see what I can do, but there is no guarantee your desired time can be accommodated as I’m a cosplayer myself and have my own costume-frolicking to do!):
Thursday Pre-Con -[/I]


11am-12pm: TAKEN - JACKIE +3 (referred by Chelsea Cole)
9pm-10pm: TAKEN - LORE +2


1130am-1230pm: TAKEN (full payment) - JOSH HART as ALICE
230pm-330pm: TAKEN - JULIE & FRIEND as VINCENT(s)


1130am-1230pm: TAKEN
230pm-330pm: TAKEN

Now for some questions you might have.

How long will it take for me to get my photos after the shoot?
Please allow up to 14 days after the convention ends for time it takes to upload the photos. You will receive all the photos in a link to the Dropbox containing all photos from the shoot. If you aren’t familiar with DropBox, worry not—it’s painless, easy and free.
When do I pay you?[/B]
You pay your booking deposit through paypal to my email [email][email protected][/email], immediately after emailing me with your cosplay information outlined above. You then pay the rest in cash, at the beginning of the shoot.

Where will we go to shoot?
Within the block of the con, around, by the con, or if you have an idea, please suggest - just remember, any time it takes to get there is time taken from your block. I’m a very adventurous photographer, so climbing things and going crazy places are my forte. However, I will not trespass and I will make the best of our setting -I understand cons are not ideal for shooting cosplay, but we’ll work around that.

What if I am late?
I’m sorry to say that if you are more than 15 minutes late to the shoot without contacting me prior, I will have to cancel it, as the time frames between shoots are tight and I only allow myself a short break most of the time. If you contact me and are late, your rate will not be discounted, as I could’ve used that slot for someone to show up on time for their full hour. I will still do my absolute best to get good photos in for the time you have.

Will you edit the pictures in photoshop?
There is no guarantee, but I may edit a few if I like, and I will always send you edited work so you may see it. All photos are watermarked with my logo.

How will I find you at the con?
You will have my number and I will have yours to contact you.

Now, here’s your job if you’re interested!

1) EMAIL ME reserving your spot.
2) Send your Paypal payment immediately afterwards to [email][email protected][/email]
3) If you’re familiar with AB, and you have location shots in mind, let me know. I will investigate.
4) Once your reservation is confirmed, I’ll update it here.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions, let me know!

#2 ChezPhoto on 5 years ago

Grab some pre-con slots, pals! Also, Friday!

#3 ChezPhoto on 5 years ago

Five Days!