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#1 cosplaylady on 5 years ago

Found a list of steampunk conventions. Anyone have more to add?


Dunno why Anime Midwest is listed as it's mostly anime... possibly because Steam Powered Giraffe is going, and that adds for a big Steampunk crowd I suppose.

Which are you going to?

#2 pocky_penguin66 on 5 years ago

Very surprised Tesla Con isnt in there!

#3 Emmejo on 5 years ago

For steampunk cons, I recommend this new website: [url][/url] It is still a work in progress, so if you know of an event not listed, feel free to submit it.

#4 Megagents on 5 years ago

Thanks! I had no idea steampunk even had conventions.

#5 Eldi on 5 years ago

Clockwork Alchemy is attached to Fanime... or something. I haven't been before but I'm going next month!


#6 rchcc122 on 5 years ago

I've wanted to go to the Wild Wild West Steampunk con at Old Tucson in Tucson, Arizona. Old Tucson is where they used to (and still do) shoot a lot of western movies. So it's a steampunk convention on a movie studio lot. Since it's really close to me, I just need to get an outfit going!